• Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I report items lost anywhere at the SJU Airport on the digital platform?

    Some Federal Agencies, as well as airlines, have their own Lost & Found. If you are certain that you forgot your item on the plane, you should contact your airline. You can find the airline directory at this link: http://www.aorcaju.com/pasajeros/aerolineas/. If you lost an item at the Security Point, please contact the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at: https://www.tsa.gov/contact/lost-and-found#views-exposed-form-lost-and-found-block -1. If your item was lost at the Global Entry Office or Customs, you should contact US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at: https://www.cbp.gov/contact. For items lost in airport common areas such as bathrooms, corridors and lounge seats or if you do not remember where you lost your item, we recommend that you make your report at our digital platform (www.sjulostandfound.com).

    Is the process for claiming and shipping lost items the same no matter the area in which it was lost?

    The claim and shipping processes depend on whether the airline, TSA, or CBP have your recovered item. In any case, you must confirm with the entity that has your item the alternatives they provide in recovering your articles. If your item was found in one of the common areas of the SJU Airport, the shipment of your item can be coordinated through www.sjulostandfound.com.

    If I am an outbound passenger, will my lost item be shipped outside of Puerto Rico?

    Yes, as long as your item was recovered by the SJU Airport administration. In the case that your item was lost inside the plane, you will have to contact your airline; if your item was lost at the TSA Security Point contact them at the provided link; or, if your item was lost at the Global Entry or Customs office with CBP, contact them at the provided link.

    How long do you keep reported lost items?

    Items are kept for a maximum period of 28 days.

    After reporting a lost item via the digital platform, how long do I have to receive it or pick it up?

    If it is confirmed that we have your lost item, you can send someone to pick it up or collect it in person, free of charge. You will have a maximum period of 30 days from the date your article was found.

    Can you ensure the shipment of my item?

    You can insure your item for up to $ 50.00 against loss or damage. The price is based on the declared value. For third parties, shipping insurance policies apply. We do not provide insurance and we will not be held responsible for any claims.

    Once my item is shipped to me, do you reimburse me for shipping costs?

    You will not be refunded Shipping and Handling charges.

    How does the billing process work?

    Before engaging in a transaction, you will provide us with a valid and up-to-date credit card number and all necessary information required to process each and every product or service that you purchased on our site. By participating in such a transaction, you authorize us or a credit card processor of our choice to charge your credit card for charges related therein, as set forth in the terms and conditions of such transaction.

    How can I keep track of the status of my Lost Item claim?

    A link will be sent to your email through which you can check the status of your lost item claim or you can call 939-545-8300.

    How long do I have to wait for the entity to confirm whether they found my lost item or not?

    You should receive a result of the lost item claim investigation in a period not exceeding seven (7) days after having made the report on the digital platform.